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          Zaozhuang Pengxiang Garment Co., Ltd.  
          Add: Fengliuyao Village, Xiwangzhuang  
          Town, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang  
          E-mail: pengxiangfushi@163.com  

          About us

        Located in Xiwangzhuang Town of Shizhong District of Zaozhuang city in Shandong province, Zaozhuang Pengxiang Garment Co., Ltd. is a medium-scale enterprise with weaving, garment production and embroidery as main activities.

        At present, we have a fixed asset of CNY 50 million and more than 300 employees. Equipped with more than 300 sets of sewing equipments and 30 units of big-round knitting machines, we annually can produce more than 500 tons of knitting greige cloths and over 200,000 dozens of knitting garments.

        Our main products are infant clothing and layettes. As a licensed export and import enterprise, we have successfully sold our products into the markets of The United States, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Italy and Hong Kong, etc, and customers are highly satisfied with our products and services.

        Mr. Meng Qingchao (our chairman) and all staffs sincerely welcome your business, visit and inquiry!